Group Fitness

With 16 sessions each week we are sure to have a session that is perfect for you.  Training in a group environment is fun and affordable fitness.  We aim to have 2 trainers at each session ensuring you get the attention and feedback required to have a safe and beneficial workout.

The sessions are designed to suit all levels of fitness.  They are structured so you can work at your own pace to gradually build your fitness or work at a higher intensity if that’s where you’re at.


Circuit Style Training - a challenging session with a variation of strength and cardio exercises to maximise training time, benefits and results

Boxing -  a great cardio workout and stress reliever,

Outdoors -  these seasonal sessions are conducted during the warmer months and take your fitness to the next level.  They consist of stairs, boxing, running and body weight exercises,

Junior - for our children, 5 – 12 yrs, a combination of active games, speed, agility, boxing, core and team work.  Run during school holidays.

Mobility Seniors -  is a low impact session for flexibility and mobility for our older adults.  We recognise the importance of remaining active and independent, thus encouraging you to ‘use it’ rather than ‘lose it’.  These group sessions are 30 mins in duration.  We are happy for you to join an existing group or perhaps you would like to start your own.

Teenage Groups -  we offer fabulous sessions for our teenagers.  Gender specific, they run throughout terms 1 & 4 at an outdoor location.

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